The Science Of Straw Singing  Straw Singing / Straw Phonation is a type of Semi-Occluded Vocal Tract Intervention (SOVT). 

When we sing through a straw, we prevent the normal outflow of air and acoustic energy, as a result, only some of this energy is able leave the body.

The rest gets trapped in the oral cavity, where it begins to build in pressure just behind the cheeks and lips, whilst simultaneously propagating backward down the vocal tract, toward the top of the vocal folds where it gets recycled back into the system to help you more efficiently make sounds.

This process is more commonly referred to as ‘back-pressure’.

Back-pressure provides some important benefits to the voice user, allowing for an overall more efficient sound production process by:

1 - Sending 'positive' pressures back down the vocal tract to counter and balance the other pressures coming from the lungs. This provides a 'cushioning' later preventing harsh collision forces - basically, it FEELS easier to sing! 

2 - Lowering phonation threshold pressure (PTP), which basically means your vocal folds have to do less work to resist the buildup of pressure coming from the lungs. This allows the vocal folds to more easily be set into motion! 

3 - Entraining the vocal folds to sustain their movement and oscillation with ease once PTP has been achieved. 

4 - Aligning the vocal folds more aerodynamically, which means that they're more complimentary to the airflow.


SOVT exercises help with creating sufficient airflow as well as helping to check that the voice isn't being overworked. More importantly, SOVT is gentle enough to be used as a way of warming up the voice for singing, warming down the voice after singing, and everywhere in between - these exercises can also be used as a 'reset' button. In addition, SOVT can be used to help ease tired and fatigued vocal folds, as the exercise works to minimise the vocal fold collisions by providing a protective 'air cushion'. 

When used with our specialised SOVT Straw, you create an elongation of the vocal tract too, essentially lengthening it by the protruding distance of the device from the mouth. This helps to reposition (up or down) and stabilise your voice 'break', making higher pitches more easily accessible. 

All of these incredible benefits of SOVT make it SO much easier for you to use your voice. Plus, it also teaches your brain and body to work in harmony, encouraging even more efficiency.