Tamara Lea is a Vancouver Island based vocalist.Tamara has studied jazz at Vancouver Island University where she received her Diploma in Jazz Studies, and has trained as a classical flutist at the Victoria Conservatory of Music.Her studies have taken her to private study with top professionals in the music world to conventional study of pedagogy in a conservatory setting.

Tamara is a vocalist that can perform many genres of music but her love for jazz far out weighs them all.As a recording artist, she has contributed to a range of diverse genres including rap, rock, gospel, blues and jazz as well as vocals for commercial and television.Tamara has performed in many festivals and had the pleasure of opening for groups such as “The Real Group”, “The New York Voices”,Dee Daniels, and many more.

Tamara has also created a Workshop for Vocal Soloists.This workshop is a wonderful way to experience singing as a solo singer in an inclusive environment with people like you who are wanting to get a little bit out of their comfort zone!

These workshops are for people who have little or no experience as a solo singer as well as for those who already have experience and are ready to move to another level of performance. The purpose is for us all to see where our voice can take us.

Many people think they can’t sing. They may have been told that by some “expert” or been shut down by a deprecating comment from a peer or family member. Stories like these keep many people away from the joy and beauty of singing. Even those who have found their voice in a choir are sometimes fearful of singing solo. Is it time to free yourself from those old, negative stories and allow the gift of singing and music to flow into your life?

Everyone can sing…you can sing…no one is tone deaf! It takes practice, repetition and supportive guidance…..that’s all!