New Classes in 2020
All lessons will be taught online until it is deemed safe by the BCCDC
As of this moment, Vocal Workshops are postponed.

The Events tab under workshops will show up and coming workshops. If you would like to bring any of these workshops to your area or would like to participate in one, contact Tamara Lea.

5 Wednesdays to a Great Soloists Voice! Or Weekend Recording Workshop

Vocalists will come to my studio once a week on a Wednesday evening from 6 - 9 pm to learn the same things that vocalists do in a weekend workshop.If you are interested in this kind of format please contact me to register.
This workshop is a wonderful way to experience singing as a solo singer in an inclusive environment with people like you who are wanting to get a little bit out of their comfort zone!

These workshops are for people who have little or no experience as a solo singer as well as for those who already have experience and are ready to move to another level of performance. The purpose is for us all to see where our voice can take us.

Many people think they can’t sing. They may have been told that by some “expert” or been shut down by a deprecating comment from a peer or family member. Stories like these keep many people away from the joy and beauty of singing. Even those who have found their voice in a choir are sometimes fearful of singing solo. Is it time to free yourself from those old, negative stories and allow the gift of singing and music to flow into your life?

Everyone can sing…you can sing…no one is tone deaf! It takes practice, repetition and supportive guidance…..that’s all!

“The goal of these workshops is to give students a place to express themselves artistically and gain confidence in a nurturing environment where they feel support and genuine friendship.”

What you will learn in weekend recording workshop or over the course of 5 weeks

* Breaking down a song ( approaching tune and how to learn it)
* Vowel modification
* Microphone technique
* Expression and individuality
* Development of self-confidence (stage presence,etc)
* Workshop focuses on helping complete beginners and singers obtain experience in all mainstream genres of music.

High quality karaoke back tracks are used or you can bring your guitar and accompany yourself!

Typical schedule for weekend workshop (check event for specifics):

* Friday :5 - 9 pm
* Saturday: 10 - 4 pm
* Sunday: 10 - 3 pm
* Sunday: 6 pm concert to show your stuff!
 Registration Fee for Performance Workshop: $225

Schedule for Recording workshop  ( recording times depend on number of vocalists )
class needs a minimum of 6 people to go forward.

* Friday:5 - 9pm
* Saturday:10 am - 3 pm
* Sunday: 10 am - 12 pm
* Recording session 1 pm - 5 pm  ( approximate and will change if numbers are larger )

Fee varies due to travel for out of area workshops 

The Weekend Recording Workshop

The Weekend Recording Workshop is similar to 5 Weeks to a Great Soloists Voice but instead of a concert at the Log House we will be recording the song you have been working on. Each singer will get to experience the recording studio. You will learn about microphones, headphones, punching in vocal sections and how interesting the whole process is. Everyone who has taken this class loved it!

Schedule for Recording workshop  ( recording times depend on number of vocalists )

class needs a minimum of 6 people to go forward.

* Friday:5 - 9pm
* Saturday:10 am - 3 pm
* Sunday: 10 am - 12 pm
* Recording session 1 pm - 5 pm  ( approximate and will change if numbers are larger )

Registration Fee for Recording Workshop to be determined.

" FOR MEN ONLY! " Vocal Workshop

Calling all men who want to up their vocal game!

Whether you are a member of choir or a soloist waiting for their break out moment, this class will give you the opportunity to focus on your voice.

What you will be learning in class:
-breathing technique
-setting up a vocal warm-up regime
-working on tone production
-learning phrasing
-becoming a confident singer
-how to sing with a microphone

This class will give you the tools you need to have a strong confident voice.
Cost of class :$75 ( online registration $80 )

Riffing and Runs Workshop (class size limited to 10 participants )

What is "Riffing and Runs" you ask? Riffing is improvising on a melody, giving a plain song some emotion and intensity by adding some melodic runs or notes that are not ordinarily in the melody line. If you've listened to Luther Vandross, Aretha Franklin, Whitney Houston, Marvin Gaye, Mariah Carey or Etta James, just to name a few.... those shimmery notes that they add vocally to a melody are what we call riffing and runs. When singing gospel, R & B and Soul music it is indicative of the style to add some riffs and runs to the song.

In this class, we will go over some basic riffs and runs. We will also learn how to trade riffs with another singer. This can be amazing because you are having a melodic conversation with another singer.
Registration Fee: $75.00 ( $80 online registration )

Singing for Beginners

Singing for Beginners is a class where we explore our voices and spend time learning about breathing, intonation and tone. We will take a song and learn it so we are able to know where we come in, where the pitches are and to sing with a full sound.
No experience is necessary. We are starting from scratch. You will be shown vocal exercises to help you with breathing, tone and intonation.
Registration Fee:$75.00 ($80 online registration )

This class will be from 10-3 pm


Learn to sing the Blues 

the Blues is an essential style of singing.It is the foundation for Gospel,Rock and Pop music. During this one day course,I will take you through the blues, get you familiar with the chord progression and have you singing the blues in no time flat. There will be a group of songs that we will use for practice. You can't make any mistakes singing the blues! Those who sign up for this course will be sent tracks that we will be working with. This course was offered a few months ago,we had so much fun and the inner blues singer came out in no time.

at Tamara Lea's studio ( 2324 Ida Lane, Nanoose BC ) on Saturdays or Sundays
Cost of workshop: $80

Singin' the Blues Advanced Class 
Pre-requisite: For this advanced class you must have taken
"Learn to sing the Blues"

This class will involve each vocalist coming with a blues song and working on stylizing it. We will do some listening to some great blues vocalists and hone your blues chops. Be prepared to go deep into the lyrics of your song and convey the emotions that are waiting to come out and be shared with your fellow workshop blues people!
Class may be a wee bit longer depending on class size.

Cost of workshop: $100