Vocal Workshop with Tamara Lea
  • Vocal Workshop with Tamara Lea

Vocal Workshop with Tamara Lea

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Vocal Workshop with Tamara Lea

August 23 Friday 5 pm-9

August 24 Saturday 11-3

August 25 Sunday 11-3

August 26 Monday perfomance at 7:30 pm at Ground Zero Acoustic Lounge

This workshop will cost $250

This workshop is a wonderful way to experience singing as a solo singer in an inclusive environment with people like you who are wanting to get a little bit out of their comfort zone!

These workshops are for people who have little or no experience as a solo singer as well as for those who already have experience and are ready to move to another level of performance. The purpose is for us all to see where our voice can take us.

Many people think they can’t sing. They may have been told that by some “expert” or been shut down by a deprecating comment from a peer or family member. Stories like these keep many people away from the joy and beauty of singing. Even those who have found their voice in a choir are sometimes fearful of singing solo. Is it time to free yourself from those old, negative stories and allow the gift of singing and music to flow into your life?

Everyone can sing…you can sing…no one is tone deaf! It takes practice, repetition and supportive guidance…..that’s all!

“The goal of these workshops is to give students a place to express themselves artistically and gain confidence in a nurturing environment where they feel support and genuine friendship.”

What you will learn in weekend recording workshop or over the course of 5 weeks

Breaking down a song ( approaching tune and how to learn it) Vowel modification Microphone technique Expression and individuality Development of self-confidence (stage presence,etc) Workshop focuses on helping complete beginners and singers obtain experience in all mainstream genres of music.

Participants need to have a vocal back track for their song. If you do not know where to get them,I can help you with that.They usually cost 99 cents to a $1.29 on iTunes or you can find them on for something that you can change the key on. Either way I can help you with that. High quality karaoke back tracks are used or you can bring your guitar and accompany yourself.

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