Singer Hangout

Zoom, Nanoose bay

This is the place where you enter into a whole new world! I am starting this Singer Hangout because, I belong to a Hangout that was started by my vocal coach Kristy Bissell in New York. I have really enjoyed the people I have met through the group and all the wonderful singers I get to listen to! After talking with Kristy, I decided to start one myself!

This is a group that is FREE!

You can sing anything, you don't have to song, you can sing cover songs ,originals, talk about what you are up to, hear others sing songs you may not have heard before.

It is a safe place to be creative and be in the company of others that want a space to express themselves through their music.

This is a hangout for everyone, no matter what level you sing at. It doesn't matter, we are here for a good time and a long time!